Current Mentorship Courses On Offer

Organisations Courses

Creating Shared Value

Clarity on the definition of Creating Shared Value, Guidance on identifying the specific opportunities within the organisation…


Future Leaders

Mentorship while building capacity from within an organisation



Mentors for Multinationals teams

Mentorship program to support a Head Office Executive, and Human Resources team, to implement effective….


Management On-Boarding 100 day plan

Grooming for newly appointed leaders as they transition to senior management and are having to face multiple challenges including;  a new job function, new stakeholders, new team, new culture


Role Revision

Working with the Line Manager as businesses recover from  either  a retrenchment and/or organisational re-structure, as well as new shareholder scenario’s.




Vocational Mentorship – Nurses

Mindfulness is an emerging concept in health care that has significant implications for a variety of medical professionals.


Finance with Flair – Finance beyond the numbers

The financial manager plays the crucial role in the modern enterprise by encouraging a  collaborative approach to problem-solving.


Digital Expertise

Improving digital skills fast tracking digital TechXpertise for mid to senior employees, including but not limited to…


Guidelines to work with government and SOE

Mentors act as a “go -to -person” for employees working with organisations  that have layers of red tape, process and regulation. 


Executive Management Post COVID 19.

Mentorship for Business Ambassadors (Senior to Executive Management) to help navigate the business through COVID 19 and Beyond – For the Mentally Tough


Bespoke Mentorship – Aligned to Job Profile

Mentorship that empowers the recipient with immediate access to business solutions linked directly to their Job function


Aspirational Heroes

Employees who have no professional qualification but need the support of a working environment to nurture their career


Organisational Mindfulness

Organisational Mindfulness for all Employees