Teacher and Educator Mentorship

The coronavirus pandemic has brought life to a standstill across the world, with nearly 178 countries reporting school closures.   However parents  remain confident that the children will be alright as their schools and teachers are working overtime so that their  children can learn.

That isn’t the reality for many parents and school systems. If anything, this pandemic has brought into sharp focus how privileged some students are, and how others have been left behind. It has also shown us how important teachers are ― and how they can succeed, even during a crisis, with the right technology and support system.

While many school systems and teachers are trying to engage students, they face serious bottlenecks:

  • stress due to economic uncertainty, concern for the safety of loved ones, and anxiety about the future;
  • the daunting challenge of returning to schools where many students have dropped out or fallen behind
  • increased pressure on teachers to ensure catch-up with little professional development support;
  • little access to the right technologies or the skills to use them



Suitable for :  Teachers and basic educators that are going through stress related to the unprecedented demands place on their professional and personal lives due to, but not limited to COVID 19

What the Mentorship program offers :

Enhancing teacher intrinsic motivation and minimizing burnout
Can help teachers cultivate important aspects of well-being using simple exercises drawing upon the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology and traditional contemplative perspectives.
Support Teacher resilience to ensure teaching effectiveness
Teachers must be equipped to assess students once they return to school so they can identify what key content and skills have been lost and need rebuilding – as well as detect warning signs of dropping out.
*Bridge the digital Gaps - Support Teachers technologically to ensure teacher effectiveness

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