Spotlight On Media Sales

Based on tried and tested criteria used in the MOST Awards, amplified with the skills and knowledge required to navigate our  ‘new working norm’, the GeoCounsellors has developed a bespoke program, aimed at equipping individuals to engage with advertisers and their media agencies.

Participants are trained to develop a sales process that has been used successfully by countless media owners. In addition, they will enjoy individual mentorship aimed at building and sustaining their confidence and perseverance, both critical ingredients in the current market.

The offer extends to CEO’s and Business owners to include business reorganization and stabilization including contingency planning

Adelaide McKelvey, acknowledged as one of the most successful media sales team leaders in Africa, and Sandra Gordon, founder of the highly successful MOST Awards, have joined forces to develop a unique training and mentoring program as to research the efficacy of media sales teams

What the Mentorship program offers :

High level stakeholder engagement - Aligning the front line staff with the business objectives
A bespoke individual Mentorship from Industry experts
Relevance - Skills and Insights that can immediately be implemented
Online and Digital Training for your Virtual Business -including Ecommerce Development
Creative and Content support for your Virtual Business activity (i.e. Clients engagement)
Design Thinking –Aligned to business needs
Brand Health – Building Brand ambassadors as well as Organisation PR
Pricing that is Modular and Progressive - Accommodates any budget or skills intervention required
A more relevant use of Sales Training, Skills Development and Marketing Budgets