Organisation and Mentee Terms and Conditions

The Company

iAfricanHub (Pty) Ltd t/a Geo Counsellor hereafter referred to as The Company, and who contracts with organisations and individuals in a mentoring relationship.

Contracting Organisation

The Contracting Organisation refers to the entity responsible for awarding mentorship modules and is responsible for payment to The Company for mentorship activity. The Company will be required to report back to the Contracting Organisation with proof of work done as well as progress made with the mentoring activity.


Mentees are individuals who will be the recipient of skills and experience mentorship’ shared by a Mentor. The Mentee reserves the right to select a Mentor of his/her choice. The selection process for a Mentor should be determined by bespoke skill discipline and mentorship needs of the Mentee. This process includes a ‘chemistry session’ prior to entering into a contract.


The Company has employed highly skilled business individuals and industry leaders with specialised skills relevant to; business discipline, industry, sector and local market. These individuals are referred to as Mentors. Mentors have been contracted to impart knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of the Mentee, (*and Organisation). The Company’s Mentors have been onboarded and trained at the highest level and follow a strict Code of Conduct known as the Geo Counsellor Way – See attached Resident Mentors ensure that The Company’s Mentors are upskilled and relevant at all times.

Chemistry session

Prior to entering into a mentoring relationship, the Mentor and Mentee will have embarked on a formal ‘chemistry session’. The ‘chemistry session’ has been implemented as an opportunity for both parties to agree on a working relationship as well as to ensure that the goals set by the Mentee can be achieved.

It is important at this stage to note that the The Company’s Mentorship Modules are available on a progressive and modular basis. The number of modules required by a Mentee is determined by the skill intervention and expected outcomes determined by the Mentee. The chemistry session has been implemented to ascertain and agree on the level of intervention and time required.

The chemistry session is free of charge, and a mentee will be allowed a maximum of two free chemistry sessions prior to contracting a Mentor.

Mentorship Module

The Company has based its mentorship process on a modular, and progressive program. This allows for Contracting Organisations and Mentees to ‘scale up and down’ depending on budget and mentorship intervention required. A module is set at five hours, made up five sessions of ; 45 minutes of formal mentorship through scheduled appointments, and 15minutes phone calls on a use it or lose it basis. In order for a Mentee to get the best return on the mentorship, we recommend that a module is completed within a 3 month period. A module has a three month expiry date, meaning ideally Mentees should have 2

scheduled a mentorship session every two weeks. This could be condensed to weekly sessions if the Mentee’s diary allows for this. Expired modules will be invoiced.

Code of Conduct – The Geo Counsellor Way

The Company’s Mentors will be required to work in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our reputation and the trust of our clients, sponsors and most importantly the Mentees depend on it. Our Code of Conduct document known as the Geo Counsellor Way details the guiding principles on to ensure all Mentors are vigilant in their conduct to protect their personal reputation as well as the reputation of the Company, namely iAfricanHub (Pty) Ltd trading as Geo Counsellors. The Geo Counsellors follow a Mentee Centered Principal and ensure that the development of the Mentee is central to his /her work.

Mentee Code of Conduct

By entering into an agreement with The Company, the Mentee agrees to follow a code of conduct that is respectful to both the Organisation sponsoring the Mentorship program as well as the Mentor contracted.

This code of conduct includes , is not limited, to mutual respect in the following activities;

  1. (i) Appointments : Diligence in attending and being respectful of time keeping on scheduled


  1. (ii) Rescheduling : In the unlikely event of an emergency where the Mentee cannot make a

scheduled appointment – he/she will be required to give the Mentor

48hours’ notice for a rescheduled time and making up the session within a week

of the originally scheduled date.

  1. (iii) Cancellations : The Organisation will be invoiced for any cancellation of an appointment,

or a ‘no show’. A ‘no show’ means after 15minutes into the scheduled time

slot, if the Mentee has not joined he session, the Mentor will call a ‘no show’.

  1. (iv) Emergencies : The Company will accommodate a reschedule of a ‘no show’ in the

unfortunate situation where a Mentee can prove a justified emergency

that falls within the 48 hour notice period.

  1. (v) Confidentiality : Every Mentee has a professional responsibility (beyond the terms of the

contract with the Mentor) to respect the confidentiality of their

organisation as well as the work with of the Mentor.

Payment Terms

The Company will enter into a contract with an organisation on one of two formats as follows;

  1. (i) A set of pre-determined courses for and specific individuals,
  2. (ii) A set number of Mentorship hours that can be drawn down during the course of a set period, and where courses are yet to be decided.

In both instances The Company will issue a formal quotation to be approved by the Contracting Organisation, who will in turn issue an official Purchase Order against the full value of the quote. The Contracting Organisation will be required to pay The Company Fifty percent (50%) of the total value of the Purchase Order, prior to commencement of any mentorship activity. Thereafter The Company will require payment of a draw down post each mentorship module. Each module invoiced against a Purchase Order will be to supported with proof of work done in the form of activity reports for scheduled appointment within a particular module