Mentoring for Digital Expertise

Improving digital skills fast tracking digital TechXpertise for mid to senior employees, including but not limited to , Coding and Technical Expertise, Social website development and design,Social Media engagement.


Suitable for :

  • Small and Micro business owners
  • Digital for non “Digital Managers” – A Digital Lite version for quick execution

What the Mentorship program offers :

Accommodates the holistic needs of individuals – Irrespective of their role in an Organisation
Instil Social and Digital confidence and literacy
Digital Platform Etiquette
Innovative ways of working: by adopting a new technology that enhances the offer to customers, develops new products and services, and improves competitive advantage.
Improved business efficiency and productivity
Individual support is one of the most effective ways to help people develop digital skills.

Mentorship on Digital expertise in this program does not include development of product and physical intervention – The Digital mentorship offers guidance on the most efficient route to market . Additional Online Courses for each subject is available through our partnership with Maximillion Digital 

Select your mentor: