Bespoke Mentorship – Aligned to Job Profile

Mentorship that empowers the recipient with immediate access to business solutions linked directly to their Job function. Access to mentors with first-hand knowledge and experience relevant to a Job Profile and/or Industry sector, as well as Local market insights with an objective to navigate the most efficient execution and to avoid unnecessary loss of time or revenue.


Suitable for: Junior – Mid Management – Departmental Heads – Business Unit Heads – Newly appointed managers

What the Mentorship program offers :

Unpacking of objective of their specific role , identifying grey areas, and possible stumbling blocks
Identifying opportunities for improvement or addressing obvious challenges
Working through solutions-real time relevant problem solving on actual cases presented
Evaluating processes with an objective to achieve improved delivery/outputs
Access to case studies and relevant supporting materials
Where necessary, access and introduction to relevant B2B contacts
Helping the manager make a more valuable contribution to the organisation at a strategic level
Unpacking “Accountability vs Responsibility”
A deeper understanding of the integration, and relationship of their role in line with other disciplines within the organisation
Develop a routine of visualising a desired out come – and show up for it
Be the best ambassador for your Company

Select your mentor:



Sales and Marketing




– Sales and Marketing


– Media and Marketing


– Executive Coaching


– Media and Marketing

Anita Du Toit

– Social Franchising
– Distribution & Channel Management

David Brauer

– Digital Services
– Digital Product Management
– Marketing , Stratgey, Research, Budgeting and Implementation

Margie Knap

– Media and Marketing

Darren McKinon

– Sales and Account Management