For me, startups are the next way to solve problems in the world. Entrepreneurs take ideas and turn them into sustainable reality. The best entrepreneurs are obsessed with solving a problem, financial rewards are secondary - Micheal Jordaan

The platform allows leaders to build capacity and introduce succession planning for the business, without distracting from the day to day operations In-turn the program offers an employee ; experienced advice and skills relevant to their specific role or function. In many instances this opportunity either (a) does not exist within the organisation (b) The business does not have the time/capacity to impart with these skills


  • Building capacity and succession planning with relevant specialised skills for specific job roles.


  • Bespoke Skill Mentorship – Access to individuals (Mentors), who have done that specific job before  who comes with  skill and experience that  will support the employee in executing their roles more efficiently. Very often these skills do not exist within an organisation. This is done without detracting from the day to day operations


  • Access to Mentors who have in excess of 600 accumulative years of working experience spanning a broad range of corporate and work disciplines, across multiple markets in sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Ensuring Business continuity as we navigate through and beyond COVID 19


  • We work with CEO’s and Exco to navigate the business through challenging times.


  • We do this by identifying key ambassadors within an organisation to act as positive influencers for productivity, motivation and culture within the broader team. In effect, relieving the executive team time  to focus on  the core business requirements


  • Multinational Companies benefit through Mentorship programs that  support a head office executive team and human resources to implement effective culture-building network across their African teams.


  • Retention and support of the true heroes of our country as we offer Vocational Mentorship for Nurses and Teachers’ as they work through insurmountable volumes of stress due to COVID


  • Support Organisations with the BBBEE accreditation , specifically addressing (Supplier Enterprise Development) by offering Sustainable Small Business Mentorship relevant to industry.


  • Our courses are SETA accredited allows for reimbursement of Skills development investment.

In a global context, unemployment rates are substantially lower in markets where there is a greater contribution from SMME’s to the economy

First World Economies (Average)


6% Unemployment Rate

70% SMME Contribution



5% Unemployment Rate

56% SMME Contribution

South Arica


29% Unemployment Rate

28% SMME Contribution


The young adults of the 21st century are entering a working world equipped with knowledge and skills that are irrelevant for the workplace. This coupled with the reduction in employment opportunities creates an increasing hostile environments to find work

Start-Ups and small business development is the solution to futureproof  the economy and positively impact society

Geo Counsellors’ intervention in  facilitating early stage business development extends beyond mentorship on day to day business activities.

It addresses the constraints that many (particularly small black business owners) face in participating in the mainstream economy.


  • A working solution to DTI as we support a sustainable success rate for micro business who have received business loans and require Skills development.


  • Supporting and strengthening the capacity of Micro Enterprises in a main stream economy


  • Personalised business and occupational skills (including, hands on “show and tell”) for small businesses who have not had the luxury of formal /technical business training (includes trade and artisan skills transfer)


  • Extends beyond and compliments work readiness ready programs such as YES (Youth Employment Service)


  • Access to a broader network of client base


  • Promotes longevity and sustainability of the SMME


  • Modelled to work within a broader Shared Value Strategy allowing access to additional financial support through large organisations


  • Mentors provide three main benefits to entrepreneurs as they build their high-growth start-ups into successful companies.
    1. Mentors open doors. A good mentor will introduce you to the right people to accelerate your business objectives.
    1. Mentors are great coaches. Instead of “giving advice,” mentors encourage and coach, giving you an outside perspective and fresh eyes to a problem or challenge.
    1. Mentors hold you accountable. Instead of “telling you what to do,” mentors help you set key objectives and then hold you accountable to executing against them.
  • Delivers leadership positioning by Creating Shared Value while contributes towards building and strengthening the  South African economy . Being part of the solution by future proofing the economy by growing the informal sector and developing  micro businesses that are sustainable


  • Supports corporate social responsibility and sustainability business goals


  • Maximises BBBEE objectives through Supplier Enterprise Development


  • Extends beyond and or amplifies business ready programs such as YES (Youth Employment Service)


  • Return on Investment for Supports Skills Development Funding


  • Modelled to work within a broader, more holistic Shared Value Strategy aligning a broad range of business objectives


  • Advocates retention and support of the true heroes of our country as we offer Vocational Mentorship for Nurses and Teachers’ as they work through insurmountable volumes of stress due to COVID
  • At Geo Counsellors we respect the experience and skill gained by Mentors. We understand the value of their personal and professional IP, we therefore do not expect our team to give of their time for free. All Mentors are financial rewarded for the investment of time.


  • Mentorship should be more than feeding your soul by giving back, we encourage reverse mentorship, and the experience will therefore be a journey of continuous learning.


  • Being part of the solution for the betterment of your country. Paying forward and participating in the future of the South African economy.


  • Practicing Ubuntu – I am, because we are


  • Making a positive impact – Passing on the knowledge and skills you have learned can benefit and fast tracks a mentees opportunity for growth.


  • Learning a new set of skills, often bridging the gap between generations – You have the opportunity to learn from your mentee as they developed their own skill.


  • Our Resident Mentor ensure constant insights to new trends and thinking.


  • Learn more about other industries


  • Access Resident Mentor plus Resources in order to stay relevant


  • Part of an Eco System that supports your financial requirement and allows you to reciprocate by adding to the Eco-System


  • Marketing and promotion of the Mentor to a broad client base
  • Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor


  • Encouragement and empowerment for in personal development


  • Access to skilled individuals with specialized teaching advice and input into your career – Advice you cannot find in the textbooks.


  • Mentors help Mentees cross the bridge between knowing and doing as they pass on knowledge that they have acquired throughout their careers


  • Modern Mentorship that is “informal”, but relevant and offering valuable solutions to your  daily working challenges.


  • Opportunity to tap into research, knowledge, past experience of an individual who has done the job function and role that you currently hold. Not to replace the views, but to learn from past experience, and fine tune a more efficient output  and to fast track  the  opportunity for growth


  • Reverse mentoring is a great opportunity for you to reflect on your career. Leading by example and holding yourself accountable.


  • Access to and building of a professional network of that can support your role.


  • This too can help in your personal and family environment


  • Learn more about other industry and company cultures