Our Story

Partners and Founders of Geo Counsellors

The concept of formalising a platform where one could  transfer years of knowledge, skills and on the ground experience, from ‘experienced business leaders’ to a ‘younger generation, as well as new entrepreneurs’ has been a topic of passion and much discussion for the partners of Geo Counsellors.


The ideology is driven by a passion for people “young and old’, as well as personal experience in understanding of the value created from the  sharing of knowledge and skill  for purpose of empowerment and growth.


The launch of Geo Counsellors, a formalised online mentoring platform , addresses the need to support specialised skills in a workplace. specifically, but not limited to young professionals (predominantly Millennials and Gen Z’s), and or new entrepreneurs.


The concept is one of  ‘Creating Shared Value’ – where experienced business leaders and industry experts (‘Mentors’) positively impacts a future economy, by imparting knowledge to a younger generation or new business professional (‘Mentees’). The platform is a “paid for” mentorship programme which therefore makes it measurable, sustainable and scalable.


The business has been designed to support organizations, SMME’s and multinational business operating across the continent

Our Story

Residents Mentors

The business is supported Resident Mentors who are highly skilled academic professionals with credible coaching  and skills development experience.

Resident Mentor, Ingra du Buisson Narsai ensures that the business delivers a  service of the highest standard and that all Mentors are consistently practising within the guidelines Geo Counsellor Code of Conduct.

Resident Mentor, Kim Willoughby works closely with the  SMME sector ensuring  that the skill and experience intervention required is met with relevant content to ensure an increased success rate  of small businesses in South Africa